The Impact of Exercise on Cancer Mortality, Recurrence, and Treatment-Related Adverse Effects

Prue Cormie Eva M Zopf Xiaochen Zhang Kathryn H Schmitz Epidemiologic Reviews, Volume 39, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Pages 71–92.
Published: 27 April 2017

Over 750,000 people of working age are living with cancer in the UK . As many as 63,000 people with cancer today want to work but are unable to do so because they do not have the right support. It is also estimated that by 2030 an extra 130,000 people with cancer could return to work after treatment, with the right support.”

It’s taken from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) – Their quote comes from research carried out in 2012 (a little old) but looks to still being used. The report’s called “Can work, will work: the valuing the contribution and understanding the needs of people living with cancer in the workforce, published by Oxford Economics in combination with Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and the insurance company UNUM.

An overview of the report and a few good quotes

Full Report

The IOSH also have these pages giving more up to date information which looks more current – 2017 onwards with a lot of useful links.

Advice for employees

And interestingly a rehab page

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