Making contact

Please make your first contact with us via telephone or email. This allows you to explain briefly your problems and provides an opportunity to ensure that our service will be of benefit to you.

This gives an opportunity to identify the best location in which to assess you and provides some information for me to prepare for our initial assessment.

The initial assessment will also be more time efficient if you can download and email a completed Personal Details and Concerns form (found under the ‘paperwork’ section on the website) which will provide essential background information on which to base the initial assessment.

Initial assessment

This will take place at the physiotherapy practice or an alternative location if more appropriate or if requested.

From our discussions we will document a thorough history and then carry out a physical assessment. From this assessment we will together decide on your personal goals and how best we can achieve them. This is likely to result in physiotherapy advice and treatment based around your physical goals.

The initial assessment, or any further treatments, may also result in us signposting or referring to other professionals. This would take place only with your consent and if we both believed it would add further benefit to your improvement.

It is at this point where you can choose what you feel would benefit you most under our recommendations which can include Private or NHS options.

What to bring

  1. Appropriate clothing e.g. vest top or shorts depending on the area to be assessed. This is likely to have been discussed in our initial contact. Please telephone/email if you need advice.
  2. Your cancer treatment summary. This can be obtained from your GP.
  3. Completed initial paperwork, Personal Details and Concerns form if not already emailed to us.

Follow up appointments

Available at your convenience Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm.

Depending on your treatment goals, the number of follow up appointments will vary on how many you need, their duration and where we believe the best place is for them to take place. For example, the work place, gym or the physiotherapy practice. All options will be discussed and will only take place under your informed consent.


Initial assessment = £55 (an hour)
Follow up treatment = £35 (half hour)

Your ongoing treatment will be charged according to the time taken. Travel time will be an additional cost. The amount of time and therefore the anticipated price (incl travel if appropriate) will be provided prior to treatment. All efforts will be made to use time as efficiently as possible.

The option of combining NHS services will be offered and discussed as we assess your identified rehabilitation needs.

Private health care cover is accepted. Please inform Rehab Beyond Cancer when booking your appointment.