Cancer Treatment Summary

A Treatment Summary is a document (or record) completed by secondary care (hospital) professionals, usually the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) after a significant phase of a patient’s cancer treatment. It describes the treatment, potential side effects, and signs and symptoms of recurrence. It is designed to be shared with the person living with cancer and their GP.

The Treatment Summary is useful as it:

  • describes the treatment that that person has received
  • describes the possible/potential side effects
  • describes the signs and symptoms of recurrence
  • informs the GP Cancer Care Review and Summary Care Record
  • ensures that the GP database is up-to-date.

More information is provided by Macmillan and can be found on

For the reasons discussed above it is strongly advised that this information is preferably sent to Rehab Beyond Cancer prior to your initial assessment or brought along with you when you attend.

For us to get the most out of the initial assessment, there are 2 brief forms that it would be helpful if you could complete.

The Personal Details form provides essential information to assist communication and provide some background information to allow the initial assessment to be more comprehensive.

The Concerns Questionnaire will help direct your assessment and will ensure advice given is as comprehensive as possible.

Online Forms:

To fill out these forms online, please use the links below:

Personal Details

Concerns Questionnaire

Downloadable Forms:

Please click on the links below to download the files and, once completed, email to