For those who don’t know what prehab in oncology is, then think of it as the time between cancer diagnosis and the beginning of acute treatment.

This may include physical and psychological assessments which aim to identify the needs of each individual. This will then allow healthcare professionals to provide targeted interventions that improve a patient’s health to reduce the incidence and the severity of current and future impairments. 

This is a relatively new concept to cancer care. Macmillan has recently brought out guidelines an in them state:

“Prehabilitation enables people with cancer to prepare for treatment through promoting healthy behaviours and through needs based prescribing of exercise, nutrition and psychological interventions. Prehabilitation is part of a continuum to rehabilitation. The aims of prehabilitation are to empower patients to maximise resilience to treatment and improve long-term health.

“Prehabilitation can:
reduce length of stay
enhance recovery following treatment
reduce post treatment complications
provide a teachable moment to enable smoking and alcohol cessation
improve cardiorespiratory fitness
improve nutritional status
improve aspects of neuro-cognitive function
enhance quality of life

“The benefits of prehabilitation can be seen in as little as two weeks. Prehabilitation empowers people with cancer to enhance their own physical and mental health and well-being and thereby supports them to live life as fully as they can.”

Macmillan 2019

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