Signposting or Referring

What are they?

Sometimes it is not always obvious which other experts, exercise classes and alternative treatments might be the most effective at helping us reach our goals.

Our treatment is not solely based around what we, as the physiotherapist, can offer but about helping you to recognise what other elements of your recovery could be aided by other areas of knowledge and expertise. For this reason, elements of your treatment may involve signposting or referring to other professionals.

Signposting means pointing the way to useful information and/or other professionals, whereas making a referral is a formal dialogue from professional to professional. 

It is important as a professional to know the limits of your own expertise. Through having built up contacts and knowledge in many aspects of cancer rehabilitation, it is possible for us to either signpost, or formally refer you, on to ensure you have a holistic experience with ultimately the best possible outcome.

These referrals may be made to either colleagues who work privately or alternatively to an NHS equivalent depending on your preference.

Below are some examples but the options are endless and new suggestions are always welcome.

Examples of where you may be signposted or referred

Other professionalsHolistic treatmentsExercise classesSupport groups
DietitianMindfulnessPilatesActive beyond Cancer
Macmillan professionalCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)YogaHealthwatch Leeds
Clinical psychologistMassageTai ChiMaggie’s Centre
Occupational therapistReikiAerobic or circuit trainingHaven
Your GPHigh intensity trainingCarers Leeds
Your nurse specialistSwimming/Aqua aerobicsRobert Ogden
Lymphoedema specialistStrengthening/Weight training
Social Worker